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Apache::Gallery creates an thumbnail index of each directory and
allows viewing pictures in different resolutions. Pictures are
resized on the fly and cached.

08/06/2011 - Apache::Gallery 1.0.2 released! - NEW!

  • Extended GalleryUnderscoresToSpaces to filenames as well. (Debian bug #348724, Francesco Potortì)
  • Added txt to GalleryDocFile, the code in Gallery.pm already allowed it. (Luca Capello)
  • Added text-html.png and text-txt.png icons. (Debian bug #423004, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed counter typo for .folder in next directory menu item. (Luca Capello)
  • Added support to ignore items through .ignore. (Debian bug #619625, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed spelling typos in Gallery.pm and README. (Luca Capello)
  • GalleryCacheDir defaults to /var/cache/www/ per the FHS-2.3.
  • (Debian bug #337197, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed two minor POD errors (Michael Legart)

23/02/2011 - Apache::Gallery 1.0.1 released!>

  • Added missing template files to distribution

22/02/2011 - Apache::Gallery 1.0 released!

  • Handle files that match both GalleryDocFile and GalleryImgFile correctly. (Claus Faerber)
  • Only respond to HEAD and GET requests, enabling users to use WebDAV for upload (Andreas Plesner)
  • Added new option GalleryCommentExifKey to get comments from EXIF data (Michael Legart)
  • Added new option GalleryEnableMediaRss to enable generation of a media RSS feed for each directory listing. This works with e.g. the plugin from http://piclens.com to enable 3D viewing of your gallery. (Michael Legart)
  • Make browser-caching work with mod_perl 2. Supports If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since headers. Sets Last-Modified-Date and ETag headers. (Michael Legart)

11/09/2004 - Apache::Gallery 0.9.1 released!

  • Fixed Apache 1.3 support (broken by 0.9) (Michael Legart)

11/09/2004 - Apache::Gallery 0.9 released!

  • Handle .thm for all filetypes and not just tiff, gif and png (Michael Legart)
  • Make GallerySortBy work for directories (Michael Legart)
  • Make GalleryDirSortBy override GallerySortBy for directories (Andreas Plesner)
  • Report 404 for HEAD requests to non-existing files or directories (Michael Legart)
  • Scale images when they are requested from the cache instead of before the index is displayed. (Michael Legart)
  • Sort pictures the same way when viewing images as when viewing directories (Andreas Plesner)
  • Make the "back" link on the error page work in IE (Michael Legart)
  • Fixed the TITLE tag for folder comments (Ondra Kudlik)
  • New option GalleryUnderscoresToSpaces to convert underscores to spaces in the listing of directories. (Ondra Kudlik)
  • Bugfix for when running outside a virtual host (Jeffrey Hartmann)
  • Support Apache2 on FreeBSD (Jesper Dalberg)
  • Avoid false 404 errors when running under mod_perl 2 (Tom Brown)

07/03/2004 - Apache::Gallery 0.8 released!

  • Remember choosen width by setting a cookie (Rene Joergensen)
  • Fixed a bug where $EXIFVALUES was left blank if a picture had a comment. (Michael Legart)
  • Fixed a bug where one line comments was shown as $COMMENT (Jesper Skriver)
  • Fixed a bug where comments did not get shown when using the variables exif mode (Thomas L. Kjeldsen)
  • Added two new configuration options GalleryDocFile and GalleryImgFile that makes it possible to configured which filetypes should be displayed. See the documentation for details. (Guillaume Rousse)
  • Added new option GalleryThumbnailSizeLS. If set to 1, GalleryThumbnailSize is the long and the short side of the thumbnail image instead of the width and height. (Don Armstrong)
  • Switched to use Text::Template instead of CGI::FastTemplate, see the UPGRADE file for details. (Don Armstrong)
  • Create copyright notices on pictures using truetype fonts instead of png images. Font, color and size can be configured (Thomas Petersen, Michael Legart)

08/09/2003 - Apache::Gallery 0.7 released!

  • Support mod_perl version 1 and 2 (1.99) (Michael Legart)
  • Send status code 500 on errors, 404 on file not found and make IE show our own errorpage. (Thomas L. Kjeldsen)
  • Bugfix for directories named "0" (Andreas Plesner Jacobsen)
  • Added "selection mode". Select images with checkboxes and get a list of filenames. (Peter Andreasen)
  • Fix to let the module work with perl 5.005 (Aaron)
  • Do not allow scaling pictures to sizes above their original size (Aaron)
  • Added GalleryUseFileDate option to make A::G show the files timestamps instead of using the EXIF value (Dennis Haney)
  • Remember display size when turning Slideshow off (Hans Joergensen)
  • Nice new layout (Thomas Kjaer)
  • New option GalleryEXIFMode to control the way EXIF info is displayed. See docs for details (Michael Legart)
  • Support for the FNumber EXIF value (Thomas Corell)
  • Added GalleryRootText option to allow changing the name of the root element in the menu (Christopher Knight)
  • Use Image::Imlib2 instead of Inline::C (Andreas Plesner Jacobsen)
  • New option GalleryMaxThumbnailsPerPage to limit the number of thumbnails displayed per page. Disabled by default and requires templates update. (Michael Legart)
  • Bugfix for the GalleryThumbnailSize option. Both height and width max sizes are now obeyed. (David Gee)

13/07/2003 - Problems with Image::Info 1.12

Some people have been reporting problems with Apache segfaulting when displaying images from certain cameras (eg. the Canon G2).

The problem can be solved by installing Image::Info 1.15.

Thanks to Michael Mortensen for tracking down the problem!

22/04/2003 - Apache::Gallery 0.6 released!

Changes since 0.5.1:
  • Apache now internally handles image dispatch which enables use of all Apache caching possibilities (Thomas Eibner)
  • Documentation and better implementation of the .folder feature. (Jesper Skriver)
  • Support the EXIF Orientation key for automatic rotate, if your camera supports that - like Canon G3. You can disable this by setting GalleryAutoRotate to 0 (Me)
  • Works with Inline > 0.42 (Andreas Plesner)
  • Show nice icons and allow downloads for doc,mp3,ogg,rtf,wav and wmv in addition to the current movie types (Me)
  • Now displays nice values for Aperture,FocalLength,ShutterSpeed exif values (Thomas Eibner)
  • Directory comments added (Hans Joergensen)
  • New GallerySortBy option to allow sort by time, size etc (Iain Wade)
  • Set width/height on thumbnail images for better performance (Iain Wade)
Thanks to Andreas Plesner Jacobsen, Debian users can install Apache::Gallery as a .deb package

03/01/2003 - Problems with newer versions of Inline
A lot of people are reporting problems using Apache::Gallery with version 0.44 of the Inline module.

If you see an error like Cannot find current script /dev/null at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/FindBin.pm line 180, please try to downgrade the Inline module to 0.42.

03/01/2003 - New mailing list archive
Thanks to Allan Joergensen we now have an archive of the users mailinglist online again

09/11/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.5.1 released!

Changes since 0.5:
  • InlineDir is no longer configurable using PerlSetVar, which fixes make test.
  • Added test-suite
  • Write to the error log if unable to open files in the cache
  • cache_dir changed to use File::Spec to make Apache::Gallery more portable. It may even run under Windows now?
Thanks to Andreas Plesner Jacobsen, Debian users can install Apache::Gallery as a .deb package

15/09/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.5 released!

Changes since 0.4.1:
  • Added slideshow feature (Me)
  • Code cleanup (Me)
  • Moved the cache to one single directory outside the webscope (Rene Joergensen)
  • Allow user to customize the "No info found" message (Me)

Thanks to Andreas Plesner Jacobsen, Debian users can install Apache::Gallery as a .deb package

11/08/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.4.1 released!

Changes since 0.4:
  • URI Escape image URL in the size selection URLs. (Me)
  • Fixed bug where .cache directory was not created when requesting image s directly (Me)
  • Don't allow scaling images more than their original size (Jan Chrillesen)
  • Handle already rotated images correct (Jan Chrillesen, Me)
  • Fix bug when rotating pictures and a .thm file was present (Thomas Eibner)
  • Apache::Gallery now allows for regular files to be served correctly (Thomas Eibner)
  • Support for detailed flash information from Image::Info 1.11 (Me, Allan Joergensen)

20/06/2002 - New mailinglist archive

Thanks to Tom Allen we now have an archive of the users mailinglist.

09/06/2002 - Debian packages of Apache::Gallery 0.4

Andreas Plesner Jacobsen has made debians packages for Debian (testing/unstable). Get them here!

05/06/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.4 released!

Changes since 0.3.1:
  • Round height and width to integers when scaling to avoid widths like 640x479.393939393939 (Me)
  • Regenerate scaled pictures and thumbnails if the original image has changed, the image.rotate file has been added or changed or if the copyright image was added og changed. (Me)
  • Don't show files starting with "." in the thumbnail index (Yann Kerhervé)
  • Made thumbnailsizes configurable with the GalleryThumbnailSize option. (Me)
  • Print "Unknown" instead of $INFO in the imageinfo field if unable to find any EXIF information. (Me)
  • Added perldoc documentation of the module and a installationguide. (Me)
  • Always list directories before images (Me)
  • Allow textfiles (ie, robots.txt) (Me)
  • Fixed a bug where $FILES was printed instead of "Empty directory" if directory contained unsupported files (.txt, .htaccess etc) (Me)
  • New templates where folders doesn't get displayed one on each line (Thomas Kjaer)
  • Works without a VirtualHost now (Does not use DocumentRoot) (Peter Breton)
  • New option GalleryWrapNavigation to enable a new feature in the pictureview where "Next" at the end displays the first picture etc (Peter Breton/Me)
  • New option AllowOriginal for the user to be able to download the original picture, not enabled by default (Thomas Eibner)
  • TIFF and PPM support (Thomas Eibner)
  • Initial movie support - download movie clips (Rene Joergensen)

10/01/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.3.1 released!

Changes since 0.3:
  • Fixed a memoeryleak in the image scaling code

02/01/2002 - Apache::Gallery 0.3 released!

Changes since 0.2:
  • Made Inline dir configurable. (Tim Coleman)
  • Made it configurable which information about the image should be viewed. (Thomas Eibner)
  • Added GallerySizes option. You can now choose which resolutions the user can scale between. The Gallery will not allow scaling to 641x480 if you only configured 640x480. (To prevent evil people filling up your disk) (Me)
  • Handle spaces in files and directories correct. (Me)
  • Now possible to rotate pictures on the fly. (Thomas Eibner)
  • Copyright picture can be included on each picture (Thomas Eibner)
  • Comments for each picture changed to be in picture.jpg.comments (Thomas Eibner)
  • Scale thumbnails correct when images are rotated 90-degrees. (Me)

14/10/2001 - Apache::Gallery 0.2 released!

Changes since 0.1.1 include:
  • Added "viewing picture X of Y" when viewing images
  • Switched to using Imlib2 instead of GD. Apache::Gallery now supports all the image formats Imlib2 supports.
  • Added gallery-buildcache.pl script to generate thumbnails.
05/10/2001 - Apache::Gallery 0.1.1 released!

10/09/2001 - Apache::Gallery 0.1 released!

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